• BBC One
    • 11.00 am Making The Most of the Micro Live 2-hour Special. In a live edition of Making the Most of the Micro, Ian McNaught-Davis is joined in the studio by an audience of micro users and a team of experts. There are demonstrations of hardware and software, including a live download of a program from the BBC's new Telesoftware service, and a look at how the micro can be used to subtitle home videos.[1] 


  • BBC Radio 1
    • 2.00 pm Steve Wright What can we say about Steve that hasn't already been rejected? Is he alive? Is he well? Will Sundays ever be the same again?
    • 4.00 pm My Top 12 David Essex talks to Andy Peebles and chooses 12 all-time favourite music tracks for an imaginary album.
    • 5.00 pm Top 40 with Tommy Vance.
    • 7.00 pm Anne Nightingale with your rock requests.

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