Monday - Bank Holiday



  • BBC Radio 1 [1]
    • 2.30 pm DLT enjoys a May Day out at Alton Towers Leisure Park, Staffordshire, with assistance from Steve Wright calling ' M'aidez! ' from the giant corkscrew. 
    • 7.00 pm Stayin' Alive with Andy Peebles Shrill, soft, rasping or sexy - what makes a voice? Why do boys' voices break? How do artificial voices work? 

      The Associates - Peel Session 1981

    • 10.00 pm John Peel - Associates in session (recorded 28 April 1981) [2]


  • BBC One
    • 5.55 pm Multi-Coloured Music Show 1981. Introduced by Noel Edmonds and featuring some of the very best music from Multi-Coloured Swap Shop including Roxy Music, The Stray Cats, Adam and the Ants, The Police, Status Quo, Brown Sauce, Dire Straits and The Pretenders. Plus a whole lot more, all requested by you! 
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