A Pop Culture Scrapbook

Saturday 09 August



  • BBC One
    • 5.25 pm Cliff Richard in Summer Holiday with Lauri Peters, David Kossoff , Ron Moody and The Shadows. Why not borrow a double-decker bus for your continental holiday? It's just what four young London Transport mechanics decided to do as they set out on a lively trip across Europe. Cliff Richard - and, of course, The Shadows - help to make the road to Athens a happy and tuneful one.
    • 08.25 pm The Martian Chronicles by RAY BRADBURY (Part One) [1] A three-part film starring Rock Hudson as Colonel John Wilder and Gayle Hunnicutt as Ruth Wilder. 1: The Expeditions- January 1999: The Zeus Project. The first manned space flight to Mars. Its ultimate goal - colonisation. Whether life exists on Mars is still not known. For Project Controller Colonel John Wilder it is the fulfilment of a life's dream.

The Martian Chronicles Part1 The Expeditions