Thursday 16 January



I Want to Hold Your Hand US single
  • The Beatles are informed that they have reached no.1 in America for the first time with their single I Want To Hold Your Hand. The song was number one in the Cash Box chart, which had been compiled on the previous day. It showed that The Beatles had leapt from number 43 to the top spot. The single reached the top of the all-important Billboard chart on 01 February 1964. (BB)


  • BBC Television [1]
    • 5.10 pm Crackerjack. Introduced by Eamonn Andrews. With guest Kathy Kirby.
    • 8.00 pm Dr. Kildare. A film series starring Richard Chamberlain as Dr Kildare, Raymond Massey as Dr Gillespie.
    • 11.15 pm Parliamo Italiano. 12 - In Banca. A course of thirty lessons for beginners. Giorgio cashes a cheque, and Giulia changes some pound notes into lire.

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