• TV: BBC 2 is 7 years old this week.

Radio Times scans GraemeWood

1971-04-17 RT 2 BBC2 feature


  • BBC One
    • 12.10 pm Banana Splits.
    • 12.45 pm Grandstand featuring International Rugby Union
    • 6.10 pm Doctor Who Colony in Space Pt. 2 Starring Jon Pertwee.[1]
    • 8.15 pm The Two Ronnies
    • 10.05 pm Match of the Day. Match No 1 comes from a famous First Division ground where the locals have cause to look back on the 1970-71 season with pride. Match No 2 also reflects a top-of-the-table clash.
  • BBC Two
    • 7.15 pm The Lonely Sea and the Sky. A filmed biography of Sir Francis Chichester , KBE-
    • 8.15 pm 20.15 Elizabeth R Glenda Jackson as Elizabeth I in Horrible Conspiracies
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