Sunday 17 January



  • BBC Radio 1
    • 3.00 pm Studio BI5 with Adrian Love. What do you want to find out about, do, see, report on? Who do you want to interview? Here's an opportunity to present your ideas about anything and everything and put them on the air.
    • 5.00 pm Top 40 with Tommy Vance (full chart here)
      • Bucks Fizz - Land of Make Believe new no.1
    • 7.00 pm The Record Producers: George Martin. The third of 18 programmes. Introduced by Andy Peebles. George Martin's influence on the world of pop/rock music is incalculable. Through The Beatles he helped to change the face of British music, taking us overnight from being a nation of second-rate copyists to one of major international force.

scans GraemeWood


scans GraemeWood

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