Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Maid Of Orleans

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Maid Of Orleans

  • BBC Radio 1 [1] 12.45 pm Dave gives a rundown on this week's Top 40 discs - your first opportunity to hear the new chart.
    • N1 Bucks Fizz - The Land of Make Believe, N2 Kraftwerk - Computer Love/The Model, N3 Shakin' Stevens - Oh Julie. HNE/N31 OMD - Maid of Orleans.
  • BBC Radio 4 [2]
    • 4.15 pm Not That It Matters. A centenary portrait of A A Milne born 18 January 1882.
    • 8.20 pm Fighting Talk. Pay as You Learn. Some universities in Britain are now facing the prospect of bankruptcy - most will suffer severe cuts in staff and resources. At the same time, university students have asked for a 17-percent increase in their grants. Do they have any right to such "free handouts ' or should they pay their own way? 


  • BBC One
    • 10.40 pm 444 Days.... and Counting.[3] Tuesday 20 January 1981: outside the White House all was being made ready for the inauguration at noon of President Ronald Reagan. But inside the Oval Office Jimmy Carter and his closest advisers had been up all night in a desperate attempt to see the American hostages in Iran free at last before the time came to leave office. 
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