• BBC Two [1]
    • 8.00 pm The Time Of Your Life Noel Edmonds re-creates Summer 1964 a special time for Vidal Sassoon. With help from Mary Quant , John Bloom , Janie Jones who was the first woman to be prosecuted for wearing a topless dress in public. The Honeycombs, specially brought together again after 15 years to sing their hit 'Have I the right?' and members of Juke Box Jury, David Jacobs, Adrienne Posta, Roy Castle and Pete Murray, sitting in judgment again on music from Sandie Shaw.
    • 8.30 pm Film: The Third Day [2] Feature film starring George Peppard Elizabeth Ashley. A man stands, dripping wet, on the highway. He has no idea who he is or where he is. Nor that there is a dead girl on the riverbank nearby. The first facts that Steve Mallory discovers about himself seem pretty good - he is rich and he has a beautiful wife. But there are family tensions which he does not understand and when he is accused of murder, everyone seems eager to assume his guilt....

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Top of the Pops

TOTP Chart Rundown 19th July 1984

TOTP Chart Rundown 19th July 1984

Peter Powell & Richard Skinner
  1. The Mighty Wah! – Come Back (28) 
  2. Prince – When Doves Cry (5) (video)
  3. Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face (33) 
  4. The Kane Gang – The Closest Thing To Heaven (30) 
  5. BlancmangeThe Day Before You Came (39)  WATCH
  6. Divine – You Think You’re A Man (26)
  7. Thompson Twins – Sister Of Mercy (11) (video)
  8. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes (1)  WATCH
  9. Shannon – Sweet Somebody (25) (audience dancing/credits)
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