Saturday 21 February



  • Australian born composer Ron Grainer dies, aged 58. he was best known for his work in television themes including those for Doctor Who and Steptoe and Son.


  • BBC One [1]
    XTC - Sgt Rock MC Swap Shop

    XTC - Sgt Rock MC Swap Shop. Rock-Multi-Coloured Wap Shop BBC1 Television 1981

    • 9.30 am Multi-Coloured Swap Shop. Cartoons, news, action, jokes and lots of music, including Swap of the Pops featuring special guests XTC.
    • 12.15 am Grandstand
    • 5.10 pm Doctor Who The Keeper of Traken pt.4/4 starring Tom Baker
    • 8.10 pm The Little and Large Show (new series) starring Syd Little and Eddie Large. Special guests The Krankies.


1981-02-21 BBC Paris Theatre, London

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