Tubeway Army - Peel Session 1979

Tubeway Army - Peel Session 1979

  • BBC Radio One 10.00 pm John Peel Show. First broadcast of second Tubeway Army session, featuring tracks that would later appear on Gary Numan's first solo album The Pleasure Principle: Films, Airlane, Cars, Conversation.
    • As a sign of the imminent dissolution of the group Peel already refers to the group as 'Gary Numan's Tubeway Army' stating that it's "his/their first ever session". He also wrongly predicts that Tubeway Army's "Are 'Friends' Electric?" will not make number one in the BBC Chart. [1] (see 26 June 1979)
  • Sport: Wimbledon 79 begins.
  • scans GraemeWood
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