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  • BBC Radio 1 [1]
    • 8.00 am Peter Powell With a brand new show and lots of surprise features.
    • 10.00 am DLT. with the Radio 1 Roadshow from the East Piazza, Long Acre, Covent Garden, London, incorporating a special edition of the BBC World Service programme Jolly Good Show.
    • 1.00 pm My Top Ten Tony Blackburn talks to Andy Peebles and chooses ten all-time favourite music tracks from his 17 years with Radio 1.
    • 4.00 pm Saturday Live. Richard Skinner and Andy Batten-Foster with a lively look at the music scene and beyond with contributions from John Peel.
    • 6.30 pm In Concert featuring Bruce Foxton and The Immaculate Fools. Introduced by Steve Blacknell 
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