Launch of Apollo 14 (CBS)

Launch of Apollo 14 (CBS)

  • Apollo 14 launched at 21:03:02 UTC under Commander Alan B. Shepard, Jr.


  • BBC One
    • 11.35 am Anatomy of Pop. The New Tribes. How well defined are the sub-cultures on the pop scene? Introduced by Michael Parkinson
    • 2.30 pm The Man Who Shot At the Moon. Dr Thomas O. Paine was the man who sent the astronauts to the moon. In this special programme he answers questions about the triumphs, the problems and the future of the American Space programme. with Patrick Moore, James Burke.
    • 9.05 pm Apollo 14 Countdown. The last critical minutes before the scheduled blast-off for America's second attempt to land men on the Highlands of the Moon. Blast off due at 9.23 pm London time, 3.23 pm at Cape Kennedy.


  • BBC Radio 1 [1] 7.00 pm Bridget St. John with Kevin Ayers and the Whole World In concert, introduced by John Peel. [2] [1]


  1. tracks available on Bridget St John - BBC Radio 1968-1976
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