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This category is for Dates which feature TV listings or single events pertaining to television only.

For individual programme pages see TV programmes.


  • Dates pages which include the TV category should feature a TV heading which must then feature:
    • TV channel with external link to listings source (eg. BBC One)
    • Time of programme (am/pm format)
    • Programme title in italics, with hyperlink to wiki page and/or external page (eg. Top of the Pops)
    • Short description taken from source (where available)
    • Other information must be given in italics in brackets, or as a footnote. (eg. programme cancelled due to strike)
  • TV guide magazine scans may also be included giving credit for the scan(s) where known.
  • Video clips of programmes may also be embedded into the page although full programmes should be linked. (eg. full programme here)

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