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David Cassidy (b. New York, 1950 - d. Fort Lauderdale 21 November 2017) was an American actor, singer, musician and songwriter. he first became famous in his role of Keith Partridge, a member of the fictitious Partridge Family, who had their own musical sitcom. Cassidy also embarked on a solo career scoring several hits in both the UK and the USA and with his good looks and charming manner became one of the biggest 'teen-idols' of the seventies.

After his successful early seventies period, Cassidy made several 'comebacks' the most successful being with the single The Last Kiss in 1985.

Hit singles

with The Partridge Family:

I Think I Love You


  • I Think I Love You (18)


  • It's One of Those Nights (11)
  • Breaking Up is Hard To Do (03)


  • Looking Through the Eyes of Love (09)
  • Walking in the Rain (10)

as solo artist


  • Could It Be Forever / Cherish (02)
  • How Can I Be Sure (01)
  • Rock Me Baby (11)
The Puppy Song


  • I'm a Clown / Some Kind of Summer (03)
  • Daydreamer / Puppy Song (01)


  • If I Didn't Care (09)
  • Please Please Me (16)


  • I Write the Songs / Get It Up For Love (11)
  • Darlin' (16)


  • The Last Kiss (06)

Top of the Pops appearances

David Cassidy – The Last Kiss (Studio, TOTP)

David Cassidy – The Last Kiss (Studio, TOTP)

Almost all Cassidy's hits both as a solo artist and with the Partridge Family were only featured on TOTP as videos or as background music to credits, crowd dancing etc. He made his first and only studio appearance with comeback hit The Last Kiss on 07 March 1985.

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