Empire State Human 1980 reissue

Empire State Human is the title of a song by The Human League released a single in 1979 and included on the group's debut album Reproduction.

On its original release the single failed to make any great impact on the charts, and was re-released in 1980 in a second attempt to achieve some commercial success. Initial copies of the re-release also included a free bonus 7" single. This helped the single to get to no.62 in th UK charts although again failed to give the group their big breakthrough.

Shortly after, Virgin also re-released the Holiday 80 single a second time, after lead track Rock 'n' Roll had got the group on Top of the Pops, and to no.56 in the UK charts.

Record-Mirror-1980-06-14-05 Empire State Human re-release and Marianne release

Record Mirror news, 14 June 1980.


UK releases only

original 7" release VS 294

  1. Empire State Human (3.10)
  2. Introducing (3.10)

re-release VS 351 (1980) 2 x 7"

  1. Empire State Human (3.10)
  2. Introducing (3.13)
  3. Only After Dark (3.15)
  4. Toyota City (5.38)

a single 7" with tracks 1 & 2 under same cat no. were available after initial copies had sold out. Also issued on 12" VS 351-12.

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