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 The following is a list of OMD Singles and B-sides issued since 1979 to the present. 


  1. OMD -  Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (group)
  2. Single - track or song issued as individual release, usually 7", 10" 12" or CDS format.
  3. B-side - track or tracks issued as flipside to 7" or 12" singles or as 'bonus tracks' on CD issues of singles.
  4. Lists original and previously unreleased tracks only, no re-mixes, album tracks or live versions of previously released songs.
  5. UK releases only, unless otherwise stated.
  • for full track listings see individual singles pages by clicking on titles.

Part I (1979-1988)

Year Single release B-side Cat no. Notes
1979 Electricity Almost (prod Martin Zero) FAC 6 Produced by Paul Collister
Almost (prod Martin Zero) DIN 2 Produced by 'Martin Zero' (Martin Hannett)
1980 Almost DIN 2 Both tracks remixes of MZ versions. Same as album.
Red Frame / White Light I Betray My Friends DIN 6
Messages Taking Sides Again DIN 15

DIN 15-10

'dub' version of Messages
Waiting For The Man DIN 15-10 cover version of 'I'm Waiting For the Man' - velvet Underground
Enola Gay Annex DIN 22, DIN 22-12
1981 Souvenir Motion & Heart (Amazon version) DIN 24, DIN 24-10 Same versions on 7" & 10"
Sacred Heart
Joan of Arc The Romance Of The Telescope (Unfinished) DIN 36, DIN 36-12 Same version on 7" & 12"
1982 Maid of Orleans (The Waltz Joan Of Arc) Navigation DIN 40, DIN 40-12
Of All The Things We've Made DIN 40-12 Sleeve erroneously lists 'Experiments in Vertical Take Off'
1983 Genetic Engineering 4-Neu VS 527, VS 527-12 Same version on 7" & 12"
Telegraph 66 and Fading VS 580, VS 580-12 Same version on 7" & 12"
1984 Locomotion Her Body in my Soul VS 660, VS 660-12 Same version on 7" & 12"
The Avenue VS 660-12
Talking Loud and Clear Julia's Song VS 685 re-recorded version of song first featured on 1980 debut album.
VS 685-12 12" features a 'dub' version followed by the 7" version
Tesla Girls Telegraph (live) VS 705, VS 705-12
Garden City VS 705-12
1985 So In Love Concrete Hands VS 766
Concrete Hands (extended) VS 766-12
Maria Gallante VS 766-12, VS 766 (2x7" only)
White Trash (live) VS 766 (2x7" only)
Secret Drift VS 796, VS 796-12
La Femme Accident Firegun VS 811, VS 811-12, VSD811-12 also features 12" version of La Femme Accident,
Locomotion (live) VSD811-12
Enola Gay
If You Leave 88 Seconds in Greensboro VS 843, 843-12 album track
Locomotion (live version) VS 843-12
1986 (Forever) Live and Die This Town VS 888, VS 888-12 12" has extended version and 7" version of (Forever) Live and Die
1987 Shame (Extended Re Recorded Version) Goddess of Love VS 938, VS 938-12, MIKE 938 12 (CD) album track
1988 Dreaming Satellite VS 987, VS 987-12, VSY 987-12
Gravity Never Failed VS 987-12, VSY 987-12 originally recorded in 1981

Part II (1991-1996)

Year Single release B-side Cat no. Notes
1991 Sailing on the Seven Seas Sugartax, Burning VSCDT1310, VSC 1310, VSCDX 1310 Floating on the Seven Seas is a remix of lead track
Pandora's Box All She Wants Is Everything VSCDT 1331
Then You Turn Away Sugar Tax, Vox Humana, Area VS 1368, VSCDG 1368, VSCDT 1368
Call My Name Brides Of Frankenstein (Mix), Brides Of Frankenstein (Dub), Walk Tall VSCDT1380
1993 Stand Above Me Can I Believe You VS 1444, VSCDT 1444 also feat remixes of Stand Above Me
Dream Of Me (Based On Love's Theme) Strange Sensations, The Place You Fear The Most VS 1461, VSCDT 1461 also feat. remixes of Dream of Me.
1996 Walking on the Milky Way Mathew Street, The New Dark Age. VS 1599 VSCDT 1599 features live tracks
Universal none VSCDT1606, VSCDG 1606 features the album version of Universal and live tracks.

Part III (2010 - )

Year Single release B-side Cat no. Notes
2010 If You Want It Alone, Idea 1 BNL002T, BNL002CD1
Sister Marie Says (Radio Edit) The Grand Deception, History Of Modern (Part III & IV)
2011 History of Modern Pt. 1 VCR, The Grand Deception BNL004T, BNL004CD

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