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Riverside was the title of a weekly magazine programme shown on BBC 2 in 1982 and 1983 with a focus on "music, art, fashion and style".

The show took its name from the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, London from where it was broadcast.


  • Steve Blacknell, Nicky Picasso and Mike Andrews plus occasional guest presenters.

List of shows

Show Date live music and artists other features
1.1 04 January 1982 New Order, Bow Wow Wow
1.2 11 January 1982 Music Fad Gadget, dance from Dance Theatre Britannica. Police star Stewart Copeland as film-maker
1.3 18 January 1982 Mari Wilson and the Imaginations
1.4 25 January 1982 Rip, Rig and Panic Pauline Black
1.5 01 February 1982 King Sounds and the Israelites video from Kraftwerk and Thomas Dolby
1.6 08 February 1982 Bauhaus Pete Shelley on video
1.7 15 February 1982 The Diagram Brothers Julian Temple talks about his latest film Comic Strip
1.8 22 February 1982 Fire Engines studio interview with Alice Cooper 
1.9 01 March 1982 new video from Steve Strange and Visage
1.10 08 March 1982 Killing Joke a psychedelic night at the new London club, The Fridge
1.11 15 March 1982 Birthday Party studio interview with Steve Strange ; and Ian Birch of Smash Hits magazine meets Paul Weller of The Jam and Martin Fry of ABC during a behind, the-scenes look at Top of the Pops
1.12 22 March 1982 The Fixx eavesdrop on a studio session with Clare Grogan of Altered Images and her producer, Martin Rushent
1.9 29 March 1982 TV premiere of two bands voted for by the viewing audience
2.1 01 November 1982 The Synthesizer, People and Performance - a Riverside special.

1982 has seen an unprecedented number of synthesizer bands reaching high in the pop charts.  

Presenter Mike Andrews talks to Phil Oakey of Human League and his producer Martin Rushent, Billy Currie of Ultravox, George Martin , legendary Beatles producer currently working with Ultravox, and Brian Eno, original synthesizer player with Roxy Music, and acknowledged influence behind many of today's bands. 

With video performance from Kraftwerk, Ultravox, Roxy Music, Human League and Depeche Mode

2.2 08 November 1982 'Clothespeak' fashion special
2.3 15 November 1982 Series 1 Revisited: BAuhaus, New Order, Fire Engines
2.4 22 November 1982 Shriekback, Attila the Stockbroker studio interview with Psychic TV
2.5 29 November 1982 David Sylvian, Orchestre Jazira on location with Heaven 17
2.6 06 December 1982 The Higsons Cabaret Voltaire discuss their videos, Boy George
2.7 13 December 1982 Rock Goddess "heavy meatl special". Motorhead, Black Sabbath.
2.8 20 December 1982 Danny and the Nogoodniks  Marc Almond of Soft Cell chats to Victoria Studd while cooking his mince pies
2.9 10 January 1983 Model Making - A Riverside Special
2.10 17 January 1983 David Sylvian, Big Country We also visit the Hacienda Club in Manchester and talk to designer Ben Kelly
2.11 24 January 1983 The Danse Society interview and performance from actor, playwright, director Steven Berkoff
2.12 31 January 1983 Animal Nightlife Mick Karn 's collaboration with Ballet Rambert choreographer Michael Ho
2.13 07 February 1983 The Decorators The Cure join Nicholas Dixon of the Royal Ballet in a dance experiment. 
2.14 14 February 1983 St Valentine's Day special is TV Fetish 

' The fastest video your set will ever see

2.15 21 February 1983 Seagulls on the Cable - A Flock of Seagulls in New York.

Riverside presents a complete guide to New York's 27 channels, and takes a closer look at one of them, Music Television (MTV), the world's first 24-hour pop television channel. We catch some of the New Year celebrations on MTV when A Flock of Seagulls shared the top billing with Duran Duran

2.16 28 February 1983 Sex Gang Children
2.17 07 March 1983 It's Immaterial Boys from the Blackstuff author Alan Bleasdale
2.14 14 March 1983 Mantis Dance Company with guests 23 Skidoo  iprogramme of experimental modern dance, performed to music ranging from live performance by 23 SKIDOO, to a NEIL ARTHUR and STEPHEN LUSCOMBE (Blancmange) composition, to a concerto by BACH. 
3.1 05 September 1983 The Armoury Show New co-presenter Debbi Voller
3.2 12 September 1983 APB The Residents, Pete Murphy
3.3 19 September 1983 Mystery Girls
3.4 26 September 1983 Midge Ure, Mick Karn, Eddie & Sunshine John Foxx
3.5 03 October 1983 Mike Andrews talks to ex-member of Japan Steve Jansen who also shows video footage from his visit to 'the Land of the Rising Sun' where he played with The Yellow Magic Orchestra and Ippu Do and met Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence star Ryuichl Sakamoto
3.6 10 October 1983 Paul Haig backed by an interesting new band that includes ex-members of Orange Juice, Gang of Four and The Associates Mike Andrews visits the Hacienda Club, Manchester for a chat with New Order; Bill Nelson;
3.7 17 October 1983 Jane, backed by two members of A Certain Ratio, and Billy MacKenzie of The Associates with a new young band.  Brian Eno
3.8 24 October 1983 The Glove Phillip Glass
3.9 31 October 1983 Danielle Dax Bat Cave Club Hallowe'en Special
3.10 07 November 1983 Big Country, New Order, Bauhaus, Killing Joke (repeats) An interview with Trevor Horn, ex-producer of ABC, now creating a very different sound for new record label ZTT

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